Golin is the most complete solution in the steel tube segment.

From the manufacture of square, rectangular, round and special shaped steel tubes . Manufacture of profiles, drawn products, tubular parts, assemblies and services. We are currently the only ones in the national market with the ability to customize your process from start to finish according to demand.

The largest industry with national capital in the steel tube segment

Plant for manufacturing seamed industrial tubes

Total area São João da Boa Vista: 731.946 ft2

Plants in Guarulhos, parts, drawing, profiling and services

Total area of ​​Guarulhos units: 441320 ft2

Excellence in future-oriented projects and services

Supplier Partner and Excellence in Cost Management Awards/ John Deere
Brasil Galvanizado Award, in the New Applications category.


We manufacture steel tubes and parts according to the customer’s needs.

Square, rectangular, round, seamless and seamless steel tubes, cold drawn steel tubes, drawn with tests and certificates, profiled tubes, special shaped tubes, partnership in projects and development of new products, services, tubular solutions.

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Present in the market since 1958, there are more than 6 decades of experience and a complete line of products and services.
Our service is provided by a multidisciplinary team prepared to develop the
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Monitoring all phases of the project. GOLIN engineering studies the best result.

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Tailor-made pieces

With laser cutting processes, curves, welding, stamping, painting, milling, aggregated components and accessories.
Assembler and Systemists

Development and support

Golin maintains a product development and customer support department.

manufacturing support

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Metalúrgica Golin is the most complete solution in steel tubes

Drawn steel tubes are a type of tube manufactured in a process of reducing the width and consequently increasing the length of the material. They have excellent dimensional accuracy and good mechanical properties, including finishing and good aesthetic appearance.

They can be produced in different lengths and dimensions, according to the requested specifications, so that it is suitable for the systems of which the tube will be part.

Seam steel tubes are steel tubes that are welded at the ends, joining them using heat and specific instruments to acquire the different thicknesses, lengths and diameters desired.

These tubes are common in the most varied industries, such as automobile, machining, agribusiness, machinery and equipment, among many others.

Seamless steel tubes do not undergo any type of welding. They are produced with steel cylinders that are heated and subsequently have their core removed, becoming hollow and subsequently perforated.

They can be used in heavy duty oil or steam pressure applications such as hydraulic piston and boiler projects in large industries.

The technical tables for square, rectangular and round tubes are available in the product menu .