Drawn and seamless tubes

Round, square, rectangular and special supplied with or without seams

Attending to the demand for drawn and seamless tubes, Golin owns one of the largest wire drawing industrial parks in Brazil, with seven machines with different capacities covering a wide range of measures and two controlled atmosphere furnaces.

Application – drawn and seamless tubes

Among the segments that most use drawn and seamless tubes are the automotive segment, machinery and equipment industry, agricultural machinery, photovoltaic plants, fitness, furniture, etc.

Given this versatility, it is essential that the drawn tubes are produced with the highest quality. Metalúrgica Golin complies with strict national and international standards.

The drawing process carried out by Golin increases the dimensional accuracy, resistance and hardness of the material, promoting a good internal and external finish. This process consists of pulling the tube between two tools, the external tool
(Dieger) and the Internal tool (Mandrel).

Golin has one of the largest drawing stands in Latin America, with a pulling force capacity of over 150 tons. In addition to having one of the largest wire drawing industrial parks in Brazil, with 7 machines with different capacities that cover a wide range of measures and 2 controlled atmosphere furnaces.

Dimensions and tolerances

*Ø 10.00 to Ø 240.00 mm

* Thickness from 1.00 to 13.00 mm

Note: We produce special Profiles and Geometries for use in Rops Profiles, Cardans, Fitnees equipment, among others.

Tolerances for manufacturing length

Tubes are generally manufactured in lengths from 3m to 7m. For fixed and multiple lengths, the tolerance must be agreed in advance;


The most used steels are: SAE 1008, SAE 1010, SAE 1012, SAE 1020, SAE 1021 and RSt52.3

Mechanical properties

The mechanical property values ​​are determined by agreement between the customer and GOLIN, and depend on the application of the steel used and can be supplied with or without heat treatment.


In addition to the state of delivery and the finishes provided for in the reference standards, the tubes can be supplied with the external surface suitable for chrome plating, painting and, upon prior consultation, for other finishes.

For more information, contact our sales team.

Other features as per standard.