We are Golin

Solidity, professionalism and competence

In March 1958, Metalúrgica GOLIN starts as a metallurgical industry. A pioneer in the segment, was born with the philosophy of constant technical improvement of its workforce, its products and processes. It has guided its production within the most advanced international standards, guaranteeing a high degree of reliability.

It is now considered a reference in the Brazilian industry, recognized as an ethical, committed and responsible company.


1958 Beginning of activities in the drawn tube and tubular profile industry, in São Paulo.

1973 Inauguration of the new plant in Guarulhos (SP);

1993 New factory for tubular parts and assemblies; line diversification producing tubular profiles and special formats;

2000 Became the largest company with 100% national capital in the field of wire drawing and profiling of steel tubes;

2010 Expansion of the structure and investments in equipment: new oven for annealing/normalization; new drawing; pickling extension;

2012 Inauguration of the São João da Boa Vista (SP) Unit | seamed tubes;

2015 New furnace for annealing / normalization was installed in Guarulhos (SP);

2017 “Brasil Galvanizado” award in the New Applications category with the project – Usina Fotovoltaica Pirapora.

2018 “Supplier Partner” and “Excellence in Cost Management 2017” awards by customer John Deere;

2021 Execution of a project to capture and reuse rainwater; Refurbishment and expansion of the ETE (Effluent Treatment Station) to reuse water in the production process;

2021 Refurbishment of an industrial furnace for annealing and normalization, increasing our heat treatment capacity by 80%;

2021 Investments in the strategic stock of spare parts to minimize the risks of machine downtime and possible impacts on deliveries to our customers;

2022 Retrofit of various equipment and acquisition of others to increase productivity and reduce costs, such as: more efficient air compressors, faster and safer cranes, automation in feeding machines in general, improvements in logistics, layout and internal handling , etc;

2022 Acquisition of a sheet metal bending machine (NEWTON) – for various profiles up to 6.5 mm thick and 4 m long – New segment – ​​bringing even more solutions to our customers.

Tradition in tube drawing

Golin is a reference in the tube drawing market , supplying seamless tubes, seam tubes, tubular profiles and special formats.

Today we have one of the largest drawing stands in Latin America, with a pulling force capacity of over 150 tons. The drawing process developed by Golin improves the dimensional accuracy, resistance and hardness of the metal, promotes a good internal and external finish and improves the mechanical properties of the product.

Our industrial furnaces serve the annealing, stress relief and normalization processes, with controlled temperature and atmosphere to suit each type of material.

We also supply tailor-made parts with laser cutting processes, curves, welding, stamping, painting, milling, components and aggregated accessories, for assemblers, systemists and industries in general.

Ethics and Conduct

Metalúrgica Golin is recognized as an ethical company and a reference in quality and innovation. Since its foundation, its principles have been transparency and commitment to its employees, customers and partners.

The role of a code of conduct, like our internal manuals, is to inform, train and inspire everyone involved in our processes.

Our day to day

The film shows scenes of the production process of seamed industrial carbon steel tubes, square, rectangular and round, at the Golin factory in São João da Boa Vista. In the second part of the film, scenes from the Guarulhos Units, the production processes for profiles, drawn products, welded parts, 3D laser cutting, the new furnace, laboratories and much more.

These are scenes from our everyday life. Golin is made of people and we are proud of our daily achievements!

Guarulhos and São João da Boa Vista Units
Video made in 2017


To be recognized as the best and most complete solution in the markets we operate, aiming at the satisfaction of our customers, partners and employees.


. Ethics and transparency;
. Commitment to customers;
. Respect for others;
. Socio-environmental responsibility;
. Team work;

Commercial presentation

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